Siamesekitty's Kingdom Hearts Game Review

Rated: 9

The fighting and game play was very fun and did have its difficulties, so I can not say it was a very easy game, but it was short. The heartless did give you trouble since it seemed every one had its own personality and style to fighting unlike other games where they just have attacks, these have strategies. The bosses were difficult in their own ways. You could hack and slash and sometimes it would be over quick. Other times you will have to summon and use your magic and just get annoyed untill you somehow find a way to kill the derned thing. The way that they unfolded the storyline was very unique. There was not exactly an outburst that made the storyline just burst open but they kept everything kind of hidden and you had to find things out for yourself.

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Siamesekitty's Kite Tv Review

Rated: 8

This movie was actually quite original. it wasn't nothing like the ganster or ususal killing movies. The ending was killer that just makes you want to ask for more and know what the hell happened in a certain part. (( Not gonna spoil )) not much humor in it but when there is, you will burst out laughing.I would say this is more of an action movie, so if you are looking for something more action and adult situated in an anime. This would be the movie for a saturday night alone. (( only because of some certain scenes XD )) Anyways, you'll love the ways that they happen to introduce characters and how most of them meet their end.

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